• I need people.

    19 Oct 2020 by

    A lot of people like saying they love me when I’m easy to love. That’s when I’m putting a lot of my work in- when I’m “easy” to love. When I’m talking well, and seem happy, and doing the right things, and accomodating everyone else’s feelings, and not making anyone else mad or upset or… Read more

  • Are We All Going to Die?

    19 Jun 2020 by

    Are We All Going To Die? This was part of an online event called QUARANTINE & HEALING: YOUR STORIES OF STRENGTH, SICKNESS, AND SUCKINESS. This was a live event run on Saturday June 13th and hosted by RudyCaseres, a Los Angeles-based mental health advocate. The event was part of a series of live story-telling events… Read more

  • Autism, Suicide, The Mystical and The Magical

    19 Jun 2020 by

    Suicide ‘n’ Stuff: Episode 19!  S’n’S is a video podcast situation where your hosts, Dese’Rae L. Stage & Jess Stohlmann-Rainey, talk about suicide…and also stuff. All the stuff and all the things!  Episode 19: We’ll be joined again by the mystical, magical Joelle Marie Nourse to talk about issues in the autistic community that can… Read more

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